Watermark export action for Adobe Lightroom

20090127_watermark_1I watermark my photos in my photoblog using a little script (yes, I know this…). My workflow so far was

  1. export the photos from Lightroom
  2. open finder, go to the export directory
  3. open a shell in the directory
  4. run my watermark-script for the exported pictures

Well, this is annoying. But there is a gentle solution: Platypus! This great piece of software turns every Shell/Python/Perl/Whatever script into a little Mac-Application which can be used as export action in Lightroom.

To create your own export action using Platypus, just open the application and point it to the script path using the „Select“ button. Platypus is smart and will fill in more essentials:


Now press the „Create“ button and select the Lightroom Export Actions directory. It is usually
/Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Export Actions
Open Lightroom, select the pictures you want to export and press the Export-button (or Command Shift E). At the bottom of the export dialog you find the postprocessing options. The „after export“ combobox should now display the newly created export action:


Now press „export“ and watch what happens:

That’s it. Great isn’t it? 🙂 Here is my watermark-script. It needs exiv2 and imagemagick:

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