How to enable Server Name Indication (SNI) on Debian Lenny

Server Name Indication (SNI) on Debian Lenny is easy to implement. OpenSSL is already SNI-capable, only the Apache Webserver is a bit outdated. So lets backport Apache >= 2.2.12 to Lenny. Here is my little step-by-step howto:

Install a compiler an the debian dpkg-Development Environment:

To build apache, you will nee libcap2-dev and autoconf too:

…and the build dependencies for apache2:

Download the Apache 2.2.14 sources for the current testing release from

Extract the source packages:

Compile the package:

(-us and -uc supresses the digital signature, fakeroot allows to set the ownership of the archived files to root, even if you are not root currently)

Install the desired apache packets:

Finally, remove the packages you installed to build the apache2-packages.

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